games you play sitting down

games you play sitting down is one part of room 101. it is an ongoing series in which you can play board games with other people, some of whom may be your friends, some of whom may not be. 

it is very different from games you play standing up, and from games that are not like other games.

what games are there?

games on hand typically include : yahtzee, checkers, pictionary, scattergories, taboo, battleship, boggle, scrabble, trivial pursuit, chess, monopoly, jenga, mousetrap, pick-up sticks, operation, othello, and clue.

what about other games?

if there's a game you�d like to play that is not on the list, we welcome you to bring it. we will try and get people to play that game with you. if you like, email us before and let us know.

we also welcome requests for games that you'd like us to get.

what will happen, exactly, minute by minute?

you will have the chance to play a number of different games, with a number of different people. the schedule of events will be followed very closely, and will be like this:

  • 7:00 : doors open 
  • 7:30 till 8:00 : sign up to reserve games 
  • 8:00 : longwinded introductory address by misha glouberman 
  • 8:20 : games begin. 
  • 11:15 : games are put away. bar stays open.

show up early to reserve timeslots for the games you want!

*** where?

at the drake hotel, 1150 queen st west, right here in toronto.

*** what else should i know?

this event is free to attend. there are snacks.


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