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games that are not like other games 
the return of open cobra

with joe sorbara, the pickle juice orchestra,
& guests steve kado, dave clark, eugene slonimerov,
randy ray and dave best

monday, october 25, 7 sharp (doors 6:30)
 at the drake hotel 1150 queen west


cobra is the best known of john zorn's "game pieces", experimental music compositions structured as games played by improvising musicians.

the rules are ornate, with cue cards, hand signals, and even headbands and hats, all used to indicate structural changes of sound and arrangement. the rules have never been published, and traditionally, when the piece is performed, they are left unexplained to the audience. open cobra is a variation of cobra designed to take an opposite approach: the high mystery of cobra is replaced with high accessibility and participation.

the return of open cobra

the return of open cobra is a restaging of a collaboration between misha glouberman and joe sorbara first held this summer. it is a fully participatory music piece, based on john zorn's cobra.

the event takes place in a single evening divided into two parts.

part one (spectate) : part one is a performance. cobra is performed, as it has been many times before, and explained, as it has rarely ever been. the explanation is assisted by a high-tech all-digital cobra-tron. 

part two (participate) : part two of the evening is a fully participatory performance of cobra. it is an all-vocal performance, geared to nonmusicians. there will be a number of exercises and instruction in the rules of the game.  


a ticket to the event entitles you to attend both part one (spectate) and part two (participate). note that part two is a fully participatory event. in order to attend part two, you must be willing to participate. misha has extensive experience teaching vocal improvisation to nonmusicians. even if you are nonmusical, shy, or cannot sing, you are more than welcome to stay, and will not find these traits to be an impediment.

if you are not sure if you want to participate, you are welcome to attend part one, and you can decide at the intermission if you want to stay for part two. part one will, on its own, be a satisfying event worth the price of admission.

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more information

you can read this lengthier announcement for more information.

note: this performance is in no way authorized by john zorn. 
the game being played is, officially, "renegade cobra".


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